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Presidents Corner: Innovation, Creativity is Business Aviation Strength

November 18, 2020 11:32 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

My wife and I became grandparents earlier this year when our daughter, and her husband, began fostering a baby boy with the hope of adoption. A few months later they announced they were pregnant with a girl due in February and just like that I felt old, but thankful. The problem is that they live clear across the country in Tacoma, WA, and we have only seen our grandson through video. My wife talks to them every evening and plays peek-a-boo with him, so he learns her voice, but it just doesn’t substitute face-to-face time. She is planning a visit over thanksgiving and has been doing everything necessary to avoid contracting COVID and fulfilling the state requirements to baby sit a foster child. I have been trying to get him to call me “Captain,” but a 9-month-old just doesn’t seem interested.

Our relationship with our grandchild is indicative of how strong the human condition for face-to-face meetings and how business aviation is meeting today’s challenge.

Our management team meets with the principal face-to-face at least once a month because they find more value in it than a zoom call can provide. Last week we flew the boss down to tour a new bottling facility we are building and to meet the new managers that will be overseeing the operation. There is something about the boss spending face time with new managers that creates a better business environment. These are just a few examples that face-to-face relationships are more important than what electronic gatherings can fulfill.

Recent statistics show that business aviation has recovered to 85% of pre-COVID flying. Operators I speak with say their flying is increasing and getting back to a more normal operation. Business aviation learned how to transport people safe of COVID through innovation, and stringent procedures, making it possible for executives to rebuild, or grow, their businesses. Business aviation is proving its worth for safe, time-sensitiv and secure transportation that the airlines are incapable of doing currently.

Our country will have a new president come January and many people wonder what changes that will bring. I am confident that business aviation will respond as we always do, with innovation, creativity, and perseverance to adjust and thrive with this change. Central Florida will still be a vibrant market for visitors and business expansion bringing even more business aviation to our community and providing greater opportunities. If your guy didn’t win, take a breath, relax and then become involved in one of our committees to help strengthen our association.

Central Florida Business Aviation Association has some amazing opportunities on the horizon, so join us for our speaker’s series, happy hours, and our long-awaited gathering in January. We have worked hard to establish a strong foundation and are ready to grow and thrive going forward. Spread the word to your friends and invite them to join and become involved

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