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  • August 23, 2020 9:37 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The CFBAA Safety Committee is proud to present our members with our first annual Safety Standdown.  Being that safety is the name of the game, this event will be taking place virtually to ensure the safety of all our members.

    Here’s how it’s going work:

    We’re dividing the speakers up into two sessions, morning and afternoon.  We’ve done this to ensure that the maximum number of members are able to join us for at least some part of the Safety Standdown, as well as to avoid online-webinar fatigue.  Each session will have a couple of speakers and is scheduled for 90 minutes.  We welcome and encourage all members to join us for both session if possible.

     When: September 24th, 2020

    • Morning Session: From 10 – 11:30am Eastern
        • Ed Bolen, President and CEO of NBAA – State-of-the-industry and an update on NBAA affairs and initiatives.
        • Dr. Daniel Gilday, Physician & Aviation Telemedical Doctor of Aircare International – COVID-19 operational considerations for business aviation operators.
      • Afternoon Sessions: From 2 – 3:30 pm Eastern    
        • Kodey Bogart, Founder of KB Solutions – Practical and effective SMS program development for your department.
        • Bennet Walsh, IBAC Program Director, IS-BAO – Adhering to a higher safety standards, IS-BAO & Flightplan Stage 1 program.

    How to attend:

    In the next couple of weeks, we’ll provide links to get pre-registered for this event.  Stay tuned!!

    Speakers will include: 

    Ed Bolen – President & CEO of the National Business Aviation Association. Ed will cover the topics facing our industry during these unprecedented times, “a state-of-industry.”  Mr. Bolen will also discuss recent NBAA affairs and initiatives.

    About the speaker:

    Prior to joining NBAA, Bolen was president and CEO of the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) for eight years. Bolen joined GAMA in 1995 as senior vice president and general counsel. GAMA’s board of directors elected him president and CEO in November 1996.

    In 2001, Bolen was appointed by President Bush to serve as a member of the Commission on the Future of the U.S. Aerospace Industry. Established by Congress, the commission’s objectives were to study and make recommendations on ways to ensure American leadership in aerospace in the 21st century.

    Bolen was nominated by President Clinton and confirmed by the U.S. Senate to serve as a member of the Management Advisory Council (MAC) to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). He chaired the council from 2000 to 2004.

    Bolen is a member of the board of directors of the National Aeronautic Association. He also serves on the Aviation Advisory Board of the Mitre Corporation, a federally funded research and development corporation.

    Prior to his association career, Bolen was majority general counsel to what is now the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions. He also served as legislative director for U.S. Senator Nancy Kassebaum (R-KS) and was a key player in the passage of the General Aviation Revitalization Act of 1994.

    Bolen received his Bachelor of Arts in economics from the University of Kansas. He is a graduate of the Tulane University School of Law and holds a Master of Laws degree from Georgetown University Law Center.

    Dr. Daniel Gilday - Emergency Medical Physician at Providence St. Peter Hospital in Olympia, WA and Aviation Telemedical Doctor for Aircare International.

    Dr. Gilday will review COVID-19 symptoms, transmission and prevention, and then pivot to focus on specific COVID-19 operational considerations for business aviation operators. 

    About the speaker:

    Dr. Gilday has been an emergency physician at Providence St. Peter Hospital in Olympia for the past 14 years. He completed training in a combined Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine residency program at Christiana Care Health Systems in Newark, Delaware, where he was a Chief Resident of emergency medicine. Dr. Gilday graduated with honors from University of North Texas Health Science Center – Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine. He also graduated cum laude from University of Washington with a bachelor’s degree in science.

    When not working in the emergency department or with Aircare International, Dr. Gilday works as the team physician for the Thurston County SWAT team.

    Kodey Bogart – Safety Management Systems SME/Speaker & Founder of KB Solutions, LLC. Through Safety Management Systems (SMS) an organization can proactively mitigate safety risks before they result in aviation accidents and incidents in a more disciplined, integrative and focused manner. Provide an overview of SMS to include the four main pillars and twelve elements. This will encompass processes for identifying any gaps related to an organizations existing SMS elements that may serve as a starting point to identify organizational and operational hazards for an effective implementation.

    About the speaker:

    During Kodey Bogart’s 16-year aviation career she has served in the United States Army and completed a combat tour as a UH-60 Aeromedical Evacuation pilot earning two air medals and a Sikorsky Rescue award. Post-deployment, Kodey earned her CFI, CFII, and ATP. Currently, Kodey works flying law enforcement and helicopter air ambulance and owns KB Solutions, LLC.  KB Solutions, LLC is an aviation consulting firm focusing on Safety Management Systems (SMS) development and implementation.

    Bogart graduated cum laude from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics coupled with a minor in Helicopter Safety.    

    Bennet Walsh, IBAC – Program Director, IS-BAO. Mr. Walsh will be joining us to discuss the benefits of adhering to a higher safety standard such as the IS-BAO program.  He’ll review IS-BAO updates as well as discuss IBAC’s new Flightplan Stage 1 program for small operators.

    About the speaker:

    Bennet is a thirdgeneration Aviator with three decades of aviation experience.  He has flown the line in both business & airline operations, and has a Bachelor's Degree in Aviation Resource Management.

    Mr. Walsh has also been fortunate to serve in some esteemed organizations in roles such as Senior Vice President of Operations and Safety, Vice President of Flight Operations, Director of Safety, Check Airman, Proficiency Check Pilot, Simulator Instructor, and as an Aviation Systems Auditor conducting both Business Aviation (IS-BAO) and Airline (IOSA) audits worldwide.

    In 2016, Bennet began his current assignment with the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) as the IS-BAO Program Director.

  • August 23, 2020 9:20 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    One year ago, this month, we established the Central Florida Business Aviation Association (CFBAA). Every year I have to pleasure of doing my recurrent training at this time of year, which consists of a mixture of classroom review and simulator flying. The idea is to go over aircraft systems and limitations and be tested on air maneuvers that we typically do not use in our normal day-to-day flying. It is a good chance to crack open the books to refresh our knowledge and evaluate our flying skills. Fortunately, this year’s training went well and it’s helpful when my copilot teaches on the plane we operate.

    Similarly, the one-year anniversary for CFBAA is a great opportunity to look back at some of our accomplishments, reorient ourselves to our mission, and make plans for the upcoming year. Needless to say, a year ago we would have never conceived what this year has thrown at our country and industry. Even with those trials we have far surpassed our expectations. With your help our membership rolls are just under 100, we have some wonderful corporate sponsors, and one of the best Board of Directors (BOD) possible. We are financially secure, thanks to you, and have filed the appropriate paperwork with the state, and soon the IRS, for establishment. With our mission of networking business aviation professionals in the central Florida area we have hosted several Zoom “Happy Hours,” and a Town Hall with Ed Bolen, president of NBAA.

    Looking forward we will continue gathering virtually, including an upcoming speakers’ series with highly respected industry insiders.

    We will be reaching out to our associates in Jacksonville, St Augustine, and Daytona Beach over the next couple of months inviting them to join CFBAA in order to expand our networking. We will be growing our committee membership inviting you to become involved sharing your talents with our community.

    The safety team has planned a standdown September 24 inaugurating our ongoing focus on safety while providing an opportunity for further networking. With so many aviation focused universities in our region we hope to establish an active young professionals community and will be seeking volunteers for that effort.

    As you can see, we have come a long way in one year, we are in a good place given all the challenges and have exciting plans for the future, all because you said yes to joining. While the BOD has carried most of the work it is time to involve even more in the association.

    We are also looking for volunteers for the membership, safety, education and communication committees.  Please consider joining one of our committees or let us know of an initiative that may interest you that we could support. Send your interest to

    When we work together, we build relationships, share experiences, and accomplish great things, just as my sim partner and I did recently. By the way, we passed our check ride, learned a few new things, and had a lot of fun together.

    Until next time,


  • August 23, 2020 9:16 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    ATP and Flightdocs have created one of the largest providers of software solutions and information services within the aviation industry.  With the addition of Flightdocs, ATP will deliver powerful, cloud-based software solutions for aircraft maintenance tracking, troubleshooting, recurring defect analysis, inventory management, and flight scheduling – combined with a robust library of technical publications and regulatory content.  

    “We are very excited to join forces with the team at ATP,” noted Rick Heine, chair and CEO of Flightdocs. “What began as a partnership quickly evolved into a much larger opportunity. By joining ATP, we will be able to create unique products and services that will have a significant impact for our customers, driving efficiencies, reliability, compliance, and safety across the industry.” 

    Founded in 2003, Flightdocs has grown to be the second largest provider of aircraft maintenance tracking and inventory management solutions within business aviation. The company’s long-standing reputation for revolutionary software and best-in-class support has made Flightdocs the number one choice for flight departments around the world. ATP, a company with nearly 50 years of experience, provides aircraft technical publications and regulatory information, connecting more than 45,000 maintenance professionals to the latest OEM content and airworthiness directives. The company’s software division is the leading provider of repetitive defect and troubleshooting applications, focused on reducing operating costs, improving reliability, and supporting technical knowledge sharing. 

    Customers of both ATP and Flightdocs will have access to a comprehensive suite of solutions to support the safe and reliable operation of their aircraft. Already considered to be the most innovative and user-friendly maintenance tracking and inventory management software on the market, the Flightdocs platform will now leverage the technical publication libraries, regulatory content, and chronic defect analysis and troubleshooting software offered by ATP. Combined, the two companies will bring even more innovation and technical capabilities to the business aircraft maintenance tracking, inventory management, and flight operations software markets. 

    With the addition of Flightdocs, ATP will now support 75,000 maintenance professionals across more than 7,500 customers in 137 countries. Further, the team plans to continue investment in the development of new products to serve the business aviation, general aviation, commercial aviation, military/defense, and OEM markets.

  • August 23, 2020 9:07 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    TEXTRON AVIATION recently launched the latest evolution of its popular twin-turboprop model—the BEECHCRAFT KING AIR. 

    Ask any business aviation turboprop enthusiast to name the best aircraft in the category, and you’ll inevitably hear the name  Beechcraft. And for good reason. Beechcraft turboprops represent some of the most versatile and most iconic aircraft in the history of aviation. Now, Textron Aviation is ushering in the next generation of the legendary Beechcraft King Air turboprop family with the updated and upgraded King Air 360/360ER.

    This aircraft represents the culmination of more than 50 years of innovation and exceptional engineering. Cabin improvements bring an elevated level of comfort for passengers, while a collection of intuitive cockpit features and updates provide a reduced pilot workload for crew.

    “The Beechcraft King Air 360 turboprop builds on decades of renowned versatility and reliability in the King Air family, and this upgrade further elevates it with the aircraft’s superior features and engineering advancements designed to create an enhanced flying experience for passengers and crew alike,” said Ron Draper, president and CEO, Textron Aviation. “The aircraft is a result of our extensive conversations with our turboprop customers worldwide as we continually increase innovation and next-generation capability to help them achieve their varied missions with greater comfort, technology and ease.”

    Making flying easier and more efficient for pilots was a critical goal for the engineering team, which is why some of the major updates can be found in the cockpit. The King Air 360 aircraft reduces pilot workload with updated standard features such as the Innovative Solutions & Support (IS&S) ThrustSense Autothrottle. This advanced technology supports pilots in their critical mission of delivering people and cargo efficiently by automatically managing engine power from the takeoff, climb, cruise, descent, go-around and landing phases of flight. It’s a significant update for an aircraft that is already celebrated for its performance.

    Pilots and passengers alike can attest to the fact that the King Air turboprop has always had a reputation for being an aircraft capable of carrying a full payload with maximum efficiency. The latest iteration definitely lives up to that standard. With seating for up to nine passengers in the cabin, the King Air 360 turboprop offers an even greater passenger experience than its predecessor.

    “We created an environment that provides passengers with a greater sense of openness inside the cabin of the King Air turboprop,” said Christi Tannahill, senior vice president of Customer Experience. “The cabin experience is such a critical element when choosing an aircraft, and it was important for us to surpass customer expectations. Their journey will not only be comfortable, but also a relaxing, enjoyable experience. The Beechcraft King Air 360 turboprop offers many of the amenities that our customers desire.”

    Inspired by contemporary design cues found in luxury SUVs, the Beechcraft King Air 360 turboprop sports an entirely redesigned cabin, including enhancements such as reshaped cabinetry, resculpted sidewalls and a new seat design. Another perk for buyers: you get to choose your own interior scheme. Currently, you can choose one of six new interior schemes along with a host of additional amenities like optional WiFi so you can live royally and be productive while setting off to your next destination. The aircraft also features a lower cabin altitude, which provides greater comfort for passengers, especially during longer flights.

    The Beechcraft King Air 360 turboprop is currently in production with customer deliveries expected to begin in the Fall of 2020. As this aircraft starts rolling off the production line, the King Air family looks to continue its leadership in the business aviation turboprop category and remain the best-selling business turboprop in the world. If history is any indicator, we’re sure the King Air 360 turboprop will reign supreme.

  • November 07, 2019 1:00 PM | Deleted user

    NBAA supports the launch of Central Florida Business Aviation Association (CFBAA).  

    Click the link to view the article:

  • August 23, 2019 9:26 PM | Deleted user

    We are excited that you are interested in Central Florida Business Aviation Association.  This organization has developed quickly and we look forward to having you and/or your organization join our membership.  Our next event it scheduled for September 10th at Burton's Bar.  We hope you can make it.  Please register on our events page.

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